How to Turn Shiv Mandir Durga Puja into Success

About one thousand years ago, Durga Maata incarnated on a hill near the village Kulod, about ten kilo meters from Jhunjhunu. Although there is no historical proof, the following is based on the telling of village elders over a period of time.

There was a beautiful and large city named Koyala Patan near this hill whose majority population was Shiv Mandir Durga Puja that of Mehela Jaats. One of them was Happaram, a rebel jag whose band of peoplelooted the deceitful rich and dispersed the wealth amongst the poor. For security reasons, Shri Chokhraj, the head of a rich and rich business family in the city, had befriended Happaram.

Happaram was an ardent devotee of Devi Maata and his place of worship was the top of this hill. Before embarking on any mission, he along with his band of followers would pray from this hill top and light a big lamp. The brightness of this lamp was seen from far off and helped Happaram to quickly find his way back to Koyala Patan, after the mission. There was a deep cave under the peak of this hill, where Happaram take shelter whenever he needed to hide from his foes.


Once while returning, Happaram’s group had an encounter with a Moghul group. Happaram had to run for his life, with the moghuls in quest. He took refuge in the temple of Devi Maata in Sidhmukh (Haryana), and prayed. By the blessing of Devi Maata, the moghuls lost their way and a few who reached the temple became screen. Now Happaram got held in her respect in that refuge. Finally, Devi Maata was very pleased by his dedication and promises him that she would alive in the cave under the peak of the hill.

Happily he returned to his city and went to the cave. He saw that, in that part of the hill where Home Puja Mandir was incarnated, the red stone had curved white. This white stone in the position of the Temple can be seen even today while the rest of the hill is red.

After some years, the Moghul group in pursuit of Happaram, finally reached Koyala Patan. Happaram being away, some of his opponent gave away his house address, whereby the moghuls killed his only son, by deceit. Just then Happaram happen to return with his group and hearing of his son’s death, in blind rage killed all the moghuls. He then asked his close associate Chokhraj to leave the city and cursed the whole city to doom.


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